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The Minimalist Program 1 1 The Minimalist Program Introduction It is my opinion that the implications of the Minimalist Program (MP) are more radical than generally supposed. I do not believe that the main thrust of MP is technical; whether to move features or categories for example. MP suggests that UG has a very different look from the standard picture offered by GB-based theories. This book tries to make good on this claim by outlining an approach to grammar based on one version of MP. I stress at the outset the quali?er “version.” Minimalism is not a theory but a program animated by certain kinds of methodological and substantive regulative ideals. These ideals are re?ected in more concrete principles which are in turn used in minimalist models to analyze speci?c empirical phenomena. What follows is but one way of articulating the MP credo. I hope to convince you that this version spawns grammatical accounts that have a theoretically interesting structure and a fair degree of empirical support. The task, however, is doubly dif?cult. First, it is unclear what the content of these precepts is. Second, there is a non-negligible distance between the content of such precepts and its formal realization in speci?c grammatical principles and analyses. The immediate task is to approach the ?rst hurdle and report what I take the precepts and principles of MP to be.1 1 Principles-Parameters and Minimalism MP is many things to many researchers. To my mind it grows out of the per- ceived success of the principles and parameters (P&P) approach to grammatical competence. Here’s the story. The central problem for grammatical theory is how it is that kids are able to acquire grammatical competence despite the impoverish


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