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;Listening ;How to make a self-introduction?;How to make a self-introduction?;Key words to make an impressive self-introduction;Sample 1;;Sample 2;Sample 3;Sample 4;Now it is time to make an impressive self-introduction by yourself!;Talk about yourself ;Name three things that you felt excited . Name three things that you felt a bit worried about.;Discussion ;College is like…?;A small society where people may confront/ face many unexpected problems or difficulties; A place where you have to learn self-discipline/ to learn how to control yourself; A place where you have to develop new learning methods; A place where you have to manage your life by yourself;;A new beginning in our life/ a threshold of new development in our life! A transition point in our life Life is like a TV with many channels. Hold the remote control firmly in your own hand, and you'll get the best shows. 生活像一台电视机。你要做的就是把遥控器牢牢掌握在自己手中,这样才能欣赏到最精彩的节目。;what did you imagine the college life would be like before entering a college? What’s your impression of your new college? Is there any difference between college life and high school life?;Text Structure; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;1. What was the writer afraid of when he first became a college student? 2. What are the three questions he had about his classmates and himself? 3. What did the writer have to do in order to do well in his studies? 4. What mistakes did the writer make at first ? 5. What happened to him shortly after ? 6. What other things did the writer do in addition to his studies? 7. How did the writer begin to see himself as a result? 8. What did he think of his future at that time? 9. Why was the writer so sure about himself and his own future? 10. What does the expression “this important hurdle in my life ” mean? ;was afraid of was surrounded by compete with keep up with set a study program succeed in my courses regulate the time under control manage to do assignments


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